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5 Life Tasks (Part 2) April 2, 2012

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I am finished my vision board. I have been referring to it as ‘the present’, this board represents everything that I want to work on for the next 6 months. I used the 5 life tasks as my guide. I focused on areas in my life that need improvement. Areas that I completely neglected as I wallowed in self pity.

Working  on ‘the present’ allowed me to truly focus on me.

(to be continued in Showers).


5 Life Tasks (Part 1) March 12, 2012

Posted by insanity2insanity in Transformations.
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As LUCK would have it, (refer back to my monthly update for March) a kindly soul came a long and put me on the rainbow to my pot of gold. ( I am going to stop the March, leprechaun, etc. references now because I am sure I will run out long before my post is finished).

I have been ruminating on two things since my last post, how to build my vision board and how to live up to my March post.

My Vision Board and March

Last year, I created a vision board. It was my first one ever and while quite beautiful (if i do say so myself) it served no real purpose except to decorate my wall for a whole year. I didn’t accomplish anything on my board. I remember gazing at it lovingly, tracing its cursive letters with my fingertips and sighing as I walked away wondering if and when those things would ever occur. As 2012 dawned upon me, I racked my brain as to how to delight my senses with another creative masterpiece  but the thoughts flitted away like butterflies on a hot summer day. I have been torturing myself since September 2011, forcing my mind to dwell on this gravely important project but my mind remained blank. In January, I gave up. I threw my hands in the air and I said there is no point, 2012 has started it is too late to do a vision board, yet again you have squandared away the time and you have nothing to show for it, what am I going to do with you! (yes quite often I speak to myself dramatically).

With March came awareness, (I wish I could say sleep too, but alas no its 3.30 AM and I am writing again). In March, I learned that I had created a vision board of possibilities. The graduation- yes possible but after 2014 cause I had to go back to school first, the family- yes possible but after I dealt with my present relationship status and began working on a new relationship, the prayer – yes possible as soon as I started saying it, relaxation – yes possible as soon as I started taking myself seriously and putting me first; I must admit I was stunned and I did feel a little stupid. I was even tempted to change the ‘1’ in 2011 to a ‘2’ and make the board 2012, but I knew I had to make my vision board new and alive for 2012. This weekend a thought tickled my brain and I felt a flutter in my heart and before I knew it I had started working on my 2012 vision board. Maybe I should call it a NOW board, cause everytime I look at it I should ask myself the question ‘ Which of these things are you working on NOW?’


My present lifestyle goes something like this home, work, home, work (repeat until close to insanity) church, NJ, home, work, home, work (repeat until close to insanity) do somthing wild like get ears pierced for the third time, home, work, (repeat until close to insanity) go on vacation, REPEAT…I am sure you get my drift… I have been wondering how to create balance. It is easy to be told how to do it, it is not easy to do it especially when the cycle of unhealthiness has become a habit. It becomes worse when the connections to reality are being held by the people on the other side of the computer or telephone. I love walking, sitting in the bookstore, reading in the park, lying on the beach, eating at a restaurant, but who want us to do everything by themself all the time or with strangers (meeting new people) or with people they only know on the surface? Some days I choose to be “bored” at home cause the people I know, the people who know me and understand my quirkiness are too far away to go out with me.

Anyway, so this little birdy told me, divide your life into these five life tasks






Give each, equal amounts of time. Prioritize each week or even each day.

I am working on a new name for my vision board, I am calling it either my NOW board or my PRESENT. I will know for sure when I am finished.

As I work on each Life Task, I will share more. If you have any thoughts, please share, you know I love to read them. They bolster my courage.