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LUCK… March 7, 2012

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Talk about PROCRASTINATION, February finished before I finished writing my blog about love and I started on the 5th. Since this is the month of March and the 4 leaf clover, with luck I will finish this one before March ends.

For 2012 I am renaming February, HUH???, cause I am not sure when it started, what happened during February or when it ended. If anyone asks I can honestly tell them that for me January ended last week and then March started. February 2012 just didnot exist for me.

So I have decided I need to truly make the rest of this year count. My girlfriend and I talked about 2012 being our year. This is the third month and I am still missing my one and only resolution. I really havent gotten to the core of it yet.

I went searching for a four leaf clover design (yes! I am still thinking about getting a tattoo) and as I searched I did a little reading too. I found a short article that talked about the four leaves of the clover representing faith, hope, love, and luck. I am thinking that I may just have to make that symbol more prominent in my home. I am not concerned about the luck so much but definitely the principles of faith, hope and love.

Faith- believing in myself that I have the strength and the ability through God to do all that he has planned for me.

Hope- that my needs and wants for myself are in tune with God’s needs and wants for me and therefore things will happen as soon as I step up and start working on them

Love- taking care of me FIRST…creating a motto of self-love and as such using my new found desires and energy to reach out to others

Luck- Atlantic City HERE I COME!!! (lol…with faith, hope, and love- luck is GUARANTEED)

As the month of March races off to a healthy start, I dont want to look back and say, ‘BUT WAIT!!! IT’S JUNE! SUMMER IS STARTING AND I STILL HAVENT ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING.’ I know its 2.15am here but since I can’t sleep I guess it wont hurt to get up and get a start on making March MAGNIFICENT.

One of the biggest things I have been hearing from my friends lately is ‘get out and go make some friends, get off of facebook, go do some fun things’, I am hearing you friends. I admit I havent been listening too well but I do hear you. Maybe I can work on one thing related to “getting out” this month, hmmm…

CONFESSION: Meeting people and socializing is SCARY! It involves opening a door to a room in my heart that barely gets used. A room that used to be the easiest to open and the hardest to close. A room where everything is now tinged with more sadness than joy. Most times I swear it is better to pass that room, that door, without  a glance than to turn the key and wonder at the possibilities. I hate closed doors, I want to throw these wide open and say ‘welcome’  but the consequence is usually an acute disappointment, the lingering whisper ‘why did you let this happen again’?