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Julio May 8, 2014

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I can’t believe you’re gone. You were always there. Now you’re gone.
Nothing could prepare me for the day that you would leave. Our home is truly empty now. I can’t sit in the recliner because when I look to the right you’re not there. Just your empty space.
There is no one left to talk to except myself.
Who knew this emptiness would exist? Who knew my heart would be so pained?
A dark shadow has fallen upon my somewhat awesome week and turned it into a nightmare.
Too much sadness
Too much hurt
The pain is surprisingly and overwhelmingly real.
Seven months ago we met, the day I saw you I didn’t think I could ever love you.
How was I to know that you would weasel yourself into that place in my heart that was only ever occupied by two others before you. I hadn’t seen that place in years. It hurts to visit there.
I am devastated.
I cry.
I miss you.
Dare I to say, I love you?
Seven months ago you came to me.
I named you.
And somewhere along the line I learned more than I needed to know about you.
Then I loved you.
And now like everything in my life, you are gone.



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