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You don’t love me… October 21, 2013

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I told him, I hope the next guy I meet loves me the way you don’t love me.

He says he doesn’t love me.
He says he’s not interested in dating a girl like me.
He says can’t control it, and he didn’t know when love will strike.
He says he is interested in maybe having a relationship with another woman.
He says I am not the one for him.
He says he doesn’t love me the way I love him.

I know he must be telling the truth, this could not be love, because I have never felt love like this.
Love, I doubt it exists.

I really mean it, the next guy who says he loves me needs to love me the way he doesn’t
He sends me a message every morning and answers my good night texts at night.
He checks in to find out if I ate.
In the middle of the day he sends me a random ‘are you ok?’ to make sure I am fine (and I find myself looking out for them).
He messages me to get to the gym to work out, he knows I have goals towards increasing my health and being  fit. I also think he remembers that we will get to see each other if I go.
He swears he will always be in my life
He tells me no cuddling, then pulls me into his lap where I snuggle into his chest, curl into his arms and inhale his essence.
He looks into my eyes and we chat about life. He shares his secrets and steals mine from my lips.
He heats my blood with his kisses. Convinces my mind that I am sexy and makes love to my whole being.

The funny thing is that’s just the bare minimum of what he can do, and its all he will let me see but I have explored him with my six senses and there is so much more brewing and building beneath the surface.

I want him in my life forever, I already know that I love him.
Unfortunately though he doesn’t love me…



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