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It RAINED?!? May 11, 2013

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I think about sex all the time. I think about the places I want to have it, I think about how I want it, I think about the orders I am willing to follow. Everything makes me think about sex, a hot car, traveling on the plane, the park bench, rocking in the recliner, the kitchen counter. If my panties could speak, what stories they would tell.

The problem with my need for and love of sex is finding the right partner. I have been so disappointed in the past that I have decided to ‘give up’ sex. Unfortunately, my decision to give up sex doesn’t lessen my loneliness or my need to find someone to hang out with. My increasing desperation is causing me to spiral down into the black hole of madness.

Yesterday, I put a note on a guy’s car.  The note said, ‘text me? (insert number here) (insert apt building number here)’. Then I spent many hours agonizing over whether I would get a response.  In a flash, I realized that if there was no response I would never truly know why. The possibilities were endless – Could it be I put the note on the wrong car, he doesn’t have a cell phone, he is a serial killer, he is married/dating/committed relationship/ its complicated; the note got wet and ruined, he didn’t feel like it, wasn’t really interested just taking a look?

OMG!!! The agony! *deep breath

Flashback: I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex and sat in the car and waited. That’s not different from my normal routine except today I didnt have a reason to wait. As I sat there with the engine running a car pulled into the parking space next to me. I looked to the right and my eyes connected with the guy sitting in the car next to me.

I turned away and looked back. He was looking again. My curiousity was peaked, I got out of the car hoping to give him a better look and maybe say hello. I am socially challenged (yes, I admit it! I blog because its easier than talking to people) so I never said hello but I did give him a chance to look.

I walked to the front of my car, paused for a minute. Walked a little faster so I could make sure I was walking in front of him. I hoped that he wouldnt do like everyone else and walk around me (I am a leisurely walker; I saunter and sometimes do a little shake…lol). Surprise, surprise, surprise he didnt walk around me. 

I turned into my building walk way and worked my hardest not to turn around to see where he was going. I took a quick peek though as he walked pass. I paused and looked when I got to my door. He looked when he got to his door. It took a lot longer than usual to get into the door and access my mailbox because I paused at each action and checked him out; he did the same.

This brings me back to the note on the guy’s car. I was really bothered by the fact that we didnt say anything to each other. So I decided to write a note. I bravely (that’s the story I am telling myself) walked out to the car and slid the note under his windshield wiper (I am praying its the right car!!!)

I sit in my recliner and panic. I eventually convince myself that I cannot control the outcome of my actions so there is no point in worrying.

Enter the RAIN!!!

WHAT?!? It’s raining, really? I act out of character and God lets it rain!

Just before I go beserk, I devise a brilliant plan. I decide to rewrite the note, put it in a ziploc bag and under the guise of taking out the trash replace the first note with a new non- ruined note. (Yes, I really did take my trash out in the pouring rain while the thunder boomed loudly and the lightning flashed brightly – it was a really great show!)

Of course, while I am leaving the house, I am complaining to God about how he ruined my note and he is making me go out in the rain and he is always making things so difficult. My other voice is saying maybe God is trying to save you from heart ache, maybe he is a serial killer, maybe he is not interested.

I took out the trash!!!

I exchanged the notes, expecting that my original note would be ruined (because I wrote it in marker). To my surprise the paper was perfectly in tact and not one letter of the writing was smudged (I saved the note and hung it on my fridge). As I find myself doing often, I made a heart felt apology to God; berated myself for my disbelief and returned home to agonize over whether I made the right decision.

Now for the wait!



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