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What’s a girl to do? May 10, 2013

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Sometimes we ask for things, not knowing the true effect it will have on our lives.
This all started with a note to God.

‘Dear God, ‘ she wrote, ‘I am so terribly lonely. Lord, you know I like my alone time but sometimes I just need to have someone there. Someone who holds my hand, just because. A shoulder I could cry on. Some one to feed/cook for (I need a taste tester…hee hee)’

She had given God a long, long list. There was no way he could screw it up, all she wanted was a close friend who lived in the same state, so she could hang out, etc.

Easy enough, request right?

She sent off her list and with little faith waited. In the mean time she began the tedious task of closing chapters and burning down the bridges of a past life.

She had just about given up on her wish when he strolled into her life. If the girl with the hidden heart had understood what he would come to mean to her, I am sure she would have left his presence. Her scarcely seen, very sassy and outgoing alter ego decided to show up that night and things have never been the same since then.

He presented his own share of challenges that she had not even begun to address when she made her list. She knew, she would either live to regret her decision, or die ecstatically. She began to dig her bruised heart out of the deep lead-lined pit, it wasnt long before she realized though that while she had opened up more than she ever had with anyone; he had yet to fulfill her wish list. Her heart soared every time she heard his voice, got his text, or saw him; but deep down she was becoming even lonelier.

God wasn’t done complicating her life. He sent guy number 2 and number 3. What was she to do with all three? And why were these guys so interested in her? Was it her physical appearance? Maybe her flirtatiousness? Or could it be desperation on their part? (she really needed to work on her self esteem issues).

Everything seemed to be working out for her but not working out. How could there be three eligibles but none eligible? She wasn’t looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right (unless that was their actual surname :-} ). She just needed a friend, someone whose waking goal wasn’t to get her out of her panties. Number 3, didnt last very long, he definitely wanted a no panties relationship.

Number 2 is quite interesting though, he fits the list just as well as 1. But still the girl is waiting.

She is getting tired though, tired of waiting, tired of hoping.



1. thefrontwindow - May 17, 2013

Giving God room and time to make our path more clear is such a hard thing to do. But that’s all about our own issues with control and impatience. You might appreciate some of my tho’ts along this line. http://wp.me/p1pA4k-l1

insanity2insanity - October 17, 2013

thanks… its been while since I have blogged so I am now getting this response. I will defineitely check out your thoughts on the matter 🙂

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